Friday, December 11, 2009

The Value Gifts Blog Tour!

Many thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah for providing the following books for me to review:

Fool~Proofing Your Life by Jan Silvious addresses the issues of how to deal effectively with difficult people in your life. This book is a study of relationships based on Proverbs. Here's a description from the book's jacket:
The world is filled with difficult people. It is impossible to avoid
them. In dealing with such people, we often try a number of coping strategies.
Unfortunately, our best attempts at making peace often fail. This is because the
difficult people in our lives are often what the Bible calls "fools". And
dealing with fools requires a special kind of biblical wisdom.

You've tried everything - from confrontation to passivity. You've found out
what doesn't work; now discover what does. Gain the tools you need to get along
with others and conduct your relationships in a manner that honors God and
preserves your sanity!
I found this book to be written in an honest, up front and caring way. The chapters are designed with Bible Study reviews based on Proverbs and study questions that help you delve into self evaluation. While I didn't agree with all the principles that Ms. Silvious presented, I did find the book well written and motivational.
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99 Ways to Increase Your Income by Frank Martin is a book full of proven tips, ideals and advice on how to increase your income. Here's the description of the book's jacket:
This easy-to-use resource shows how to both generate more income and better
stretch the dollars you already have. With ideas ranging from asking for extra
hours in your current job, to selling your "junk" at a consignment store or on
Craigslist, to starting a home-based pet grooming service, to saving money
by smart use of the Internet this book will help you earn and keep more
The advice and ideals in this book are so practical that as I read it, I kept thinking, " Why didn't I think of this?" I found this book to be inspirational, motivational and it left me with a "I Can Do" attitude. In today's tight economy, this books is a find.
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Alice Teh said...

The second book sounds very good. I am thinking of doing something to increase my income too.

Sherry said...

I'm going to have to check the 2nd book out. Thanks for sharing! :D