Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hermie and Friends ~ Who is in Charge Anyway?

ISBN-13: 9781400315987
ISBN: 1400315980
I normally only do reviews for books on this blog but when Thomas Nelson sent my family and I this dvd to review, I wanted to post it both here and on my family blog.

My kids grew up watching Hermie and Friends on dvd; they're a bit older now but it sure did bring back memories while we were watching this!

As always, the dvd was great and the message about God's plan for all of us was brought to life in such a meaningful way. Our whole family enjoyed this wonderful dvd!

From the publisher:

Meet the Garden gang before they grew up!

Sitting around a camp fire on a beautiful star-lit night, the garden gang is talking about their favorite memories. Antonio recounts the Garden Olympics, but admits he was a scrawny kid-ant whose parents did not think he would ever amount to much. Flo confesses she used to be shy and introverted. Turns out all Hermie and Friends’ adventures are made possible by the things that happened to them as kids. And it’s also clear that God has had a plan for all of the garden characters right from the start – as long as they had the sense to listen and follow God’s message. Includes new and previous animation.

I couldn't resist showing you Hermie on You Tube!

Click here to find out more about this DVD!

Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing for sending me this DVD to review.


Christina said...

This is adorable.

Brenda said...

awww this is a MUST HAVE!!!! Thank you sooo much for glad I got back on my blog today!!!