Monday, June 27, 2011

Forever After by Deborah Raney

ISBN-10: 1416599932
ISBN-13: 978-1416599937

I enjoy reading books that are a part of a series. It allows me the chance to get to know the characters, their homes and towns in depth as well as follow their relationship to life and each other as they grow and evolve over the course of several books. It's like visiting a favorite place and people time and again. The Hanover Fall novels fall right into this category!

I read and reviewed the first book in this series, Almost Forever by Deborah Raney a year ago. I eagerly awaited for the second book, Forever After to be released and it did not disappoint.

I really enjoyed reading Forever After and I hope you do as well!

Forever After by Deborah Rainey opens with Jenna Morgan, the widow of Zach Morgan a fire fighter who died a year ago in a fire at the Grove Street Homeless Shelter. She is facing financial troubles after his death. She leans heavily on her in-laws for help but as things progress, she begins to lose their support while she is desperately trying to hide secrets that threaten her future in Hanover Falls.

Lucas Vermontez, a fire fighter was severely injured in the same fire that killed his best friend, Zach Morgan. His father was also lost in that same fire. He struggles to heal physically and emotionally as well as face his losses. How can he accept the fact that he may never be able to be a fire fighter again?

Jenna and Lucas find their way to each other and both are surprised when their friendship takes on a path of it's own. Can they find faith in God as well as each other? Can new dreams replace the old?

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Many thanks to Glass Road Public Relations for the opportunity to review this book. My review is an honest reflection of how I feel about this book.


Julie said...

I really enjoy series as well. This one sounds good!

Christina said...

I like to read book series too. Same reasons you gave. Sometimes It is sad to finish them when you realize you have to let the character go, but that's reading life. Sounds like another great read.