Friday, July 29, 2011

Glastonbury Tor by LeAnne Hardy

ISBN:  978-0-8254-2789-3

Categories: Historical, Christian Fiction

Here's a bit about this book from the publisher:

When his mother dies, sixteen-year-old Colin is consumed with hate for his harsh, demanding father. Looking for a true relationship with Christ and purification for his hateful heart, he journeys to the historic monastery at Glastonbury, within whose walls lies the Holy Grail. In this captivating novel centered around Glastonbury Tor (Hill), a young man seeks salvation as the Catholic Church finds itself in turmoil during the reign of Henry VIII.

My Review:

Glastonbury Tor by LeAnne Hardy is a historical fiction novel that is phenomenal!  It is well written; one of the best books I've reviewed this year!  The characters are believable and the plot jumps off the page and grabs you - not letting go till the very end. 

I love that history is brought to life in this story of a young man coming of age in turbulent times.  The wisdom and faith built into this story just makes it so much richer.  I highly recommend this book for young adult readers and older!

Many thanks to LeAnne Hardy and Kregel Publications for the opportunity to review this book. 


LeAnne Hardy said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm, Rene. I hope your readers enjoy the book.

Christina said...

Again...right up my alley. This is one of those books that I will buy on Kindle just because I will enjoy it more than anything on my TBR pile.