Tuesday, August 2, 2011

River's Song by Melody Carlson

ISBN-10: 1426712669

ISBN-13: 978-1426712661

Book 1 of The Inn at the Shining Water Series

Category: Christian Fiction

Second chances are rare but Anna Larson is just about to experience one.  Born and raised on the banks of Oregan's Suislaw River, she finds herself returning home after twenty years away to settle her deceased mother's estate.  

The beloved home welcomes and comforts her. The river outside her front door begins to heal a bruised and battered heart.  As she spends time in her childhood home, she is flooded with memories and a deep  desire to explore her rich familial Native American heritage.

As Anna follows the longings of her heart, she embarks upon a journey that is full of self discovery, faith, healing and forgiveness!   

River's Song by Melody Carlson is the first book of her new series,The Inn At Shining Waters.  It's about redemption, healing and through God, learning to forgive and let go.  

I found River's Song to be deeply moving and beautifully written. It didn't grab me at first as other books by Melody Carlson have. This book quietly and warmly wove it's way into my heart. The characters were extremely well developed and  I ached, cried, laughed and smiled with Anna as I read the story.

The beauty of the Suislaw river came to life for me as I read the vivid descriptions that Ms. Carlson wrote; I felt as if I had been trasported and was actually there!  I heard the lapping of the water, felt the serenity of the area. It made me long to find a place just like that to experience just a bit of the peace, beauty and serenity that tantalized me through out this book.  

I most definitely recommend this book!

Many thanks to Melody Carlson and to Glass Road Public Relations for the opportunity to review this book. My review is an honest reflections of my feelings about this book.


JoyAnne said...

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Christina said...

Another series to add to my list. I like to read books in series because sometimes I fall so much in love with the charactersthat I feel let down at the end of the book...I know it's crazy but I can't help but love some of the characters out there, especially in well written books.