Friday, October 7, 2011

The Story of Noah's Ark ~ Storybook and Wall Clings

Author: Lori C. Froeb

Illustrated by Luana Rinaldo

ISBN: 978-0-8254-5552-0

This is a wonderful book for pre-school and elementary age children. The Story of Noah's Ark: Storybook and Wall Clings shares the Biblical tale of Noah's Ark through story, pictures and hands on fun! 
From the publisher:
The story of Noah and his ark is one of the most frequently read stories in the Bible. With this deluxe set, kids can use the wall clings to recreate the awesome scene of all the animals boarding the ark. As they read about Noah and his adventure, children are prompted to stick the vinyl clings on any painted wall. The clings safely stick and easily peel right off, so kids can rearrange them however they choose and reuse them for hours of enjoyment!

My review:

I loved the book! As my two boys are a bit older, I had a friend with two small children review the book as well.  She reports that they all had a blast! My friend read the book while her children acted out the story through the wall clings on the front of their refrigerator. The wall clings are bright, big and colorful.  They stood up to the test of two toddlers playing with them again and again!

My friend reports that they all had a wonderful family time learning, laughing and having fun. Based on her recommendation and my own feelings about this book, I highly recommend The Story of Noah's Ark: Storybook and Wall Clings!  

Many thanks to Kregel publishing for the opportunity to review this book.

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Christina said...

Great kids book. I have grand kids and this would make a good gift for them.