Friday, April 20, 2012

Seven Years Until Eternity: The Rise of the Antichrist by Benjamin Reynolds

ISBN-10: 145381583X

ISBN-13: 978-1453815830 

Awhile back I was offered by  Mr. Reynolds to read/review his book, Seven Years Until  Eternity. I am so glad that I had the chance to do so! 

Here's a bit about the book from the author and publisher: 

Nassir Ibrahim Berzovsky, the son of a Jewish mother and Muslim father is groomed from childhood by dark forces to one day control the entire world. He rises to political and military prominence, consolidating political states, religions and the world economy into one global entity. Opposing Nassir is Terry Sanders, the pastor of a small church in Lansing, Michigan and one of a select few given a plan by God to survive the imminent Tribulation Period. Sensing the Rapture is near and fearing persecution, he marshals his church into hiding to await the Coming of the Lord, but soon finds himself at the epicenter of a global spiritual revival and becomes the target of demonic destruction and angelic protection. Experience epic spiritual warfare across the natural and supernatural planes as told from the perspectives of the angels, demons and people vying for the souls of humanity.

It's been hard for me to put into words the reaction that I have had to reading Seven Years Until Eternity.  It took a bit of time for me to  get into the story but once I did, I was hooked!  Mr. Reynolds' unique perspective of  end times is captivating and enlightening, as well as somewhat edge-of-your-seat scary.  I found it disturbing that so many of the events described in the beginning of this story are  very close to events unfolding in today's world. 

The characters are realistic, the story well written and through the author's flare for description and story telling, I  felt as if I was actually present watching Heaven and Hell battle for our souls. 

This story moved me - heart and soul!  I felt God's love and mercy showering down upon me (really!) as I read through the pages and I came away from this book feeling very blessed.  

As I've promised to be honest in my reviews, one thing I found was the the story had a few typos and grammatical issues present throughout the book. With other books, I have found this can, at times hinder my experience in reading a book. As motivating as Seven Years Until Eternity is, this issue did not hinder my reading experience one bit.  

I found Seven Years Until Eternity  to be a riveting story, uniquely refreshing and deeply moving. A moving reading experience!

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