Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Avonlea Cookbook from the Creators of Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea

I was incredibly excited when I saw that The Avonlea Cookbook  was available. I had a tad bit of mad money tucked away just for an occasion like this and I waited eagerly to receive it in the mail! :)

My camera just can't do this cover justice. It really is beautiful, so click here  to view it @ the Sullivan shop. 

The Avonlea Cookbook from the creators of Anne of Green Gables and Road To Avonlea have created a beautiful cookbook based on the movie series Anne of Green Gables, and the TV series Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. 

This cookbook is full of facts about the history of Christmas, the shows, interesting food facts and tips. Most of all, it is a treasure trove of beautiful photographs from the shows as well as a total of 75 easy to make recipes ranging from appetizers to main courses and desserts.  

I didn't get a chance to take pictures of any of the recipes but I plan to make some of them over the next few months.  Here's a few of the recipes I plan to make ~  

  • Felicity's Corn Fritters
  • Hetty's Cheese Soup
  • Scottish Broth (though I'll be substituting beef for the lamb. Have you seen the price of lamb?!)
  • Aunt Hetty's Old Style Succotash (I strongly  dislike Lima beans and this is the first succotash recipe I've come across that doesn't have include them. I can't wait to make this!)
  • Max Sutton's Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
  • Felicity's French Toast (YUM!)
  • Matthew's Shepherd's Pie
  • Anne's Apple Cake
  • Grace's Scotch Shortbread

The cookbook itself is a treasure for any ardent fan of Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea or Wind At My Back.  The recipes are interesting and the photography through out the book is stunning.  

One of the things I have so admired about Sullivan Productions is their breath-taking cinematic scenery and it has carried through to this cookbook!

The only draw back that I feel I must share is how the book was bound and it's size. In regards to size, it is the same width as a standard DVD case size and is only one inch longer in length. 

The  book itself, in my opinion has a poor cover in regards to the quality of paper used.  It is bound in thick, heavy stock glossy paper.  It is stronger than the average paperback but not as strong/thick as other paperback cookbooks I have.  

The book is held together with only two heavy duty staples. I've been careful but the cover is bending and the edges of the cover have started to fray even though I have only had this cookbook for a week. Obviously the cover and the two large staples may not pass the test of a well used and loved book.  

Even with all the above, I have to share this ~ I am truly enjoying this cookbook! 

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Julie said...

I know you are having fun with this! I wonder if it has the recipe for the sauce with the mouse in it lol.