Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lantern Hill ~ A Fantastic Movie!

I watched Lantern Hill as part of the LLM reading challenge  hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know.  It turned out to be a wonderful movie and a well spent and enjoyable afternoon. 

The story is based on the book Jane of Lantern Hill written by L.M. Montgomery. It revolves around  a young girl named  Jane Stuart who lives with her mother and her domineering  Grandmother. Jane finds  out that the father she has believed was dead is alive and well. 

The story unfolds as Jane begins to develop a relationship with her father and tries to bring her family back together again.  There is humor, tragedy, a ghost and a lot of adventure. 

The story itself was very engaging and I enjoyed it tremendously.  Even more beautiful was the breathtaking scenery; it was absolutely gorgeous! I ended up having to  re-watch some of the scenes because I was so taken up with the scenery that I wasn't able to fully pay attention to the story. {blush}

I watched this riveting movie on a cloudy, raining afternoon while my children were busy with their afternoon activities and I found myself with some precious quiet time.  I can't imagine a better way to have enjoyed the afternoon! :)

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