Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Penny by Benjamin L. Reynolds

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1470139758


I had the pleasure of being asked to review The Penny  by author Benjamin L. Reynolds and  I have to share with you all ... 

The Penny is an amazing book!

Randal Cole is a minister who is close to the edge of defeat. His faith is wavering, his ministry/church is almost to the brink of being closed and he is having trouble finding God's purpose for his life.  

Despair seems to be winning till one night outside his church he is visited by a homeless man who asks him to put a penny in the church plate. Pastor Cole does as the stranger requests and amazing miracles begin to happen. 

But amidst the miracles, Pastor Cole is tried by challenges that he never dreamed he would have to face!

The Penny is one of the most inspirational faith filled books I have read in quite awhile! While to some, the miracles that occur in this story may seem far fetched but I really believe God could and would work in this way.     

I highly recommend this book!  

Other books by Mr. Reynolds that I  have read and recommend are Seven Years to Eternity and Sons of God Daughters of Men.

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