Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Wings by Donna Stanley

“When we pray for the supernatural,
why are we surprised when it actually shows up?”

ISBN-10: 1621363368
ISBN-13: 978-1621363361

New Wings by Donna Stanley is a Christian based fictional story that revolves around the understanding that the angelic realm is very real and that angels are around us always, interceding on our behalf. It also entertains the ideal that spiritual warfare between the angelic and demonic realms is real and happening all around us.

Olivia is a pretty normal teenage girl. Well, up to the point when she asks God in prayer to see angels – specifically her Guardian Angel. After that, her life takes a 360 degree turn when God answers her prayer and she  meets her Guardian Angel “Mike”.  From then on – all bets are off! 

With the help of her guardian angel, Olivia’s faith in God deepens, her spiritual eyes are opened and she finds that she has spiritual gifts that can be used for the glory of God. 

With her newly awakened gifts, the battle for good versus evil takes on a whole new meaning. Her faith is tried but God prevails as she follows His will and direction.

New Wings is an action packed read and I found it enjoyable. It is certainly a wonderful answer to the occult related trend in teenage fiction these days. This book presents a Christian perspective interlaced with strong Biblical principles.  

I can honestly say I felt the power of God move me while reading  this book. The book was so engaging that I didn't want to put it down and soon would find ways to get back to reading it. (Mmmm ... I'm still working through that mountain of laundry I set aside to read this book - LOL!)

As I am not well versed in the Biblical principles of spiritual gifts, angels and spiritual warfare, I can’t fully address the accuracy of this book but it has sparked my interest to find out more about them!

I recommend this book as a good read for teenagers and up though I  strongly encourage parents to read this book along with or prior to passing it on to your children. The views and principles shared within the pages of this fictional story are quite deep and radical – it challenged my own belief system so I am sure it will also challenge our younger generation as well. 

I am certainly looking forward to many family discussion this book is bound to bring up!

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