Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Candle Classic Bible: Retold in 365 Stories

  • ISBN-10: 1859858678
  • ISBN-13: 978-1859858677
  • Ages: 8-10 

The Candle Classic Bible: Retold in 365 Stories is written for children ages 8-10. It comes with a sturdy hard back binding, beautiful illustrations and well written, retold Biblical stories.  

This version of the Bible is a wonderful stepping stone for children to transition into reading the Bible daily!  

The stories in The Candle Classic Bible are very age appropriate and as this is written for the older child, it contains several stories that may not be included in versions of children's Bibles meant for younger readers.   

This book would be a wonderful addition to any family or child's home library. It also would make a fantastic gift!

Stop on over at Ama*zon today to find out more about The Candle Classic Bible. As of this posting, Ama*zon is selling it for less than $11.00!

Many thanks to Kregel Publications for the opportunity to review this book.  My review is an honest reflection of my thoughts and feelings about this book.

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