Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Independent Female Doctor ~ A Lone Star Texas Ranger and the 1893 Chicago World's Fair...

It's the perfect combination for anything to happen and in Fair Play: A Novel~
it most certainly does!  


  • ISBN-10: 1451692412

  • ISBN-13: 978-1451692419

  • Billy Tate, MD and Hunter Scott, Texas Ranger meet at the Chicago World's Fair in a rather unusual manor and their subsequent meetings just get even more interesting.  

  • Can two independent souls with very different dreams find a love and a future that they didn't believe they would ever have?  

  • Add into the mix an abandoned baby and the story gets down right lively!

While reading Fair Play: A Novel by Deeanne Gist I laughed my way through the first chapter. It was hilarious!  The story just kept getting better  and better.

Ms. Gist writes a captivating romance story set to the background of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Her writing brings it all to life but this story is about so much more! 

It explores the topic of the woman's movement as well as children's rights and explores the poverty levels of the inner city poor back in the late 1890's.  It shows how the severe poverty of that era affected families, children and sadly, how it shaped the lives of the children caught in those horrific conditions.  

It was not what I would expect from a romance novel but in my opinion, it made the story so much more real and inspiring.  I enjoyed the authentic period photographs and captions she listed at the start of each chapter as well. 

Ms. Gist's writing wove it all into an elaborate but down home story of love, life, faith and overcoming life's challenges.  

My final thoughts on this book?  

My favorite Texas saying comes to mind ~

"Ain't that the berries!"
Translated, that means I thoroughly enjoyed Fair Play: A Novel.  I look forward to reading more of Deeanne Gists' books including the sequel to this book,   It Happened At the Fair

If you love romance novels, history and a positively good roller coaster ride of emotions, this book is for you!

Many thanks to Kim from Nancy Berland Public relations and Deeanne Gist, author for the opportunity to review this book. My review is an honest reflection of my feelings and thoughts in regard to this book. 

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