Monday, December 15, 2014

A Great way to enjoy books ~ audible!

I joined audible over a year ago and I am really enjoying listening to their audio books. I never thought I would enjoy it so much! 

This post is  not related to the audible company in any way.  I have not been asked to write a post or received any paid service or freebies in exchange for posting this. I just want to share the word about such a great company and great book deals!    


My children have often listened to audio books from the library and as a family we enjoyed them. For myself though, the audio books that I chose seemed to have been a hit or miss experience.  

I often found that while I enjoyed the book, I didn't always enjoy the narrator's voice, speaking style or speed of talking. Another factor was that the high cost of buying audio books pretty much was out of our budget range.   

Here's why I am loving audible ... 

Membership prices VERY reasonable

Free 30 day trial

Listening sample available for every book

Return policy -  you can return any book with no questions asked
(yep it's true - I've returned books without any hassle, questions or problems!) 

Ability to vary speed of the narrator's speaking so you can adjust it to your preference 

Easy access to customer service and they are available 24/7

Ability to go from listening to reading when needed (if you purchase the e book and audio book together) 

More listening/reading time while I  knit, crochet, clean house, drive, etc.  

High quality production and quality narrators

Ability to roll over  monthly book credits (within membership plan limits and those limits are really reasonable!) 

Click  on the above logo to visit the web site.

I  have found audible to have great customer service, an easy to use website and high quality audio books with terrific narrators! You don't need to have a kindle to use this service as they have many other free apps that you can use. 

I love the freedom of going about my day and being able to listen and enjoy a book I just can't put down.  

I highly recommend audible and that's pretty high praise from me.  My first and foremost preference is to read a good solid (real) book so you can imagine my surprise when I found I love listening to audio books through audible! 

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Cherdecor said...

Hi Renee,
This is something I should look into. I have had two eye surgeries this past summer. Recovery was long after each one. Now it has been a nightmare trying to find glasses that suit my eyes. My husband had eye surgery also so.....

I only read certain books. I don't care for fiction so I will have to see if there are any books I would interest me.

Hope you are doing well and Merry Christmas.