Friday, January 23, 2015

Feeln from Hallmark ~ Yes!!!

Just a note: I have no connection to the Feeln company, other than being a very happy customer.  I have not received any incentives or freebies from them in exchange for writing this post.  

I have loved Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and the Hallmark channel since I was a teenager. I eagerly wait for my favorites to air on the Hallmark Channel.   

A few months ago, I started seeing the Feeln (formerly known as Spirit Clips) advertisements around the web and blogging world. I glanced at it but really didn't take notice till I found out it was a streaming service with family friendly movies, tv shows and Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. 

I eagerly researched it further and found that they were offering a free trial week.

I tried the one week free trial and fell in love with this streaming service!

I checked out the price and found it to be very reasonable. If you subscribe for a year in advance, it averages to $3.99 a month. If you subscribe month to month, it's $4.99 a month.  These Prices are a Steal! 

They have so much more than just Hallmark Hall of Fame movies! There are a plethora of family friendly movies of all kinds, kid's TV shows, heart warming series, educational documentaries and so much more! It really is family friendly. 

There's something for everyone in the family to watch ~ including the Dads!  

When I joined there were a few glitches with their streaming speed but I suspect that was due to everyone joining up faster then they may have anticipated.  The issue was resolved in about a week and since then, I have NO problems at all with streaming from their site. 

They are adding more and more movies, tv shows and documentaries. I can't say enough as to how much I am enjoying this website. It is so refreshing to watch uplifting movies and tv shows that not only I enjoy but that our whole family enjoys together! 

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