Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Looking For Some Captivating Reading This Summer?

The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking is a fantasy series that will quickly rise to the top of your reading pile and stay there till you finish the very last book! 

 Book 1

Wendy has always felt as if she didn't belong, that she never really fit in anywhere. These feeling begin to intensify as bizarre events begin to happen as her 18th birthday approaches.

She is shocked to find out she is Troll, a changeling switched at birth to be raised by humans until she is 18. Now she must return to her true home, take her place among the Trylle society and fulfill her destiny. 

As Wendy searches to define herself and her new life, she finds herself deeply attracted to Finn, her Trylle protector. Will she accept her new life and be able to find happiness and true love? 

Book 2

In book 2 of this series, Wendy is learning to accept her life and place within the Trylle society. As she begins to adjust and learn all that is part of her new life, secrets are uncovered and she faces challenges that she never dreamed of!  Can she over come those challenges and keep the love she has with Finn?       

 Book 3

I don't want to spoil your reading so all I will say is ... the final book of this series is absolutely captivating

I enjoyed this series and I was pleasantly surprised that the book went beyond the 'expected story plot' that is usually found in today's young adult books. 

The one major drawback for me with this series is it's view on marriage. It presents marriage in a rather flippant light and one that I feel could have been better addressed while still keeping with the flow of the story. 

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