Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Amazing Book ~ Night on Fire by Ronald Kidd

  • ISBN-10: 0807570249
  • ISBN-13: 978-0807570241

Recommended ages: 9 and up

From the Publisher: 

Thirteen-year-old Billie Simms doesn't think her hometown of Anniston, Alabama, should be segregated, but few of the town's residents share her opinion. As equality spreads across the country and the Civil Rights Movement gathers momentum, Billie can't help but feel stuck--and helpless--in a stubborn town too set in its ways to realize that the world is passing it by. So when Billie learns that the Freedom Riders, a group of peace activists riding interstate buses to protest segregation, will be traveling through Anniston on their way to Montgomery, she thinks that maybe change is finally coming and her quiet little town will shed itself of its antiquated views. But what starts as a series of angry grumbles soon turns to brutality as Anniston residents show just how deep their racism runs. The Freedom Riders will resume their ride to Montgomery, and Billie is now faced with a choice: stand idly by in silence or take a stand for what she believes in. 

Through her own decisions and actions and a few unlikely friendships, Billie is about to come to grips with the deep-seated prejudice of those she once thought she knew, and with her own inherent racism that she didn't even know she had.

Night on Fire by Ronald Kidd  basically blew me away for so many reasons! This book brings the past to life and allows us a glimpse of what it felt like to live back in the time of the Civil Rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr. and the Freedom Riders.  

While some this story's message is bold and loud, other message's are quietly subtle. Both are delivered in a way that is not preachy and leaves the reader with much to think about.  

I can't say I loved reading this book - the topic was too painful to allow that but I do feel Night on Fire is a very good book with a message that is for everyone!  

Rating for this book is 5 stars! 

A definite thank you to Albert Whitman and Co. as well as Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Verushka Byrow said...

This is a difficult topic to write for the age group, I think so I am impressed that the author managed to pull it off. I'd be curious about what a kid in this age group thinks of it. What did you think of the type/stye of writing? Here's mine: http://editingeverything.com/blog/2015/09/30/wow-resurrection-bay-by-emma-viskic/

Verushka Byrow said...

Ps,gonna rec this and your post at the end of the week on my #5Books rec list!