Thursday, January 21, 2016

Too Close to Home by Susan Lewis

  • ISBN-10: 0345549538
  • ISBN-13: 978-0345549532


Jenna Moore finally feels that she and her family are exactly where they should be. Leaving busy London behind, they’ve moved to the beautiful, serene Welsh coast. There Jenna, her husband, Jack, and the couple’s four children have found a little slice of heaven. In the house of their dreams, Jenna and Jack are ramping up for the launch of their new publishing business, and the kids are happier than they’ve ever been, wandering the wild, grassy moors that meet white sand beaches and wide ocean.

But a fissure cracks open. The once open and honest Jack suddenly seems to be keeping secrets, spinning intricate lies. And fifteen-year-old Paige has become withdrawn, isolating herself from her family and her new friends. Frightened of the darkness enveloping her family, Jenna struggles to hold her loved ones together. But a cruel disturbance has insinuated itself into her home, threatening to take away everything she holds dear.

I found Too Close to Home by Susan Lewis to be a moving, emotionally charged story that I enjoyed reading. It is well written with complex characters. The plot is very good and takes some surprising turns that I never would have guessed from the beginning of this book. 

This story is intense one and at times it became a bit too much for me. I found myself being overwhelmed by the story and I ended up having to step away from it. Allow myself the time to process emotionally and mentally all that was going on in this story. 

Too Close to Home is a book I very much recommend! 

 4 Stars!

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