Thursday, March 3, 2016

Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie

  • ISBN-10: 0062412361
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062412362
  • Series: Burning Glass (Book 1)
  • Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (March 1, 2016)


In Riaznin, it’s considered an honor for Auraseers like Sonya—girls with a rare form of synesthesia—to serve as the emperor’s personal protector, constantly scanning for feelings of malice and bloodlust in the court. But Sonya would rather be free.
After the queen’s murder and a tragic accident, Sonya is hauled off to the palace to guard a charming yet volatile new ruler. But Sonya’s power is reckless and hard to control. She’s often carried away by the intense passion of others.
And when a growing rebellion forces Sonya to side with either the emperor who trusts her or his mysterious brother, the crown prince, Sonya realizes she may be the key to saving the empire—or its greatest threat.

Burning Glass was one of my most anticipated books to read this year and I can clearly share that I was not disappointed in any way. This book is fantastic! 

Let me start with the book cover ... I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it and after reading this novel, I was delighted to find out how well the cover reflects this intriguing fantasy. 

I am amazed this is Ms. Purdie's debut novel because to me, it certainly doesn't read like one. Her writing style is beautiful and flowing. The plot is creative, unique and very intriguing! The cast of characters are strongly developed, realistic and humanly flawed making them engaging and relatable. 

My favorite character was of course, Sonya. I can't even begin to imagine what her life was like having to live with her gift of sensing others so deeply. I found her to be sensitive, flawed, tortured, dark but lovable. My heart ached for her and cheered for her as she strove to do her duty, release her inner demons while searching for a bit of redemption and peace.  

My least favorite character was first and foremost, Valko as he was such a disturbed monarch. I have one other least liked character but shall not name them as I don't want to post any spoilers in this review. Just keep a watch out - not everyone is who they appear to be! 

All in all, I loved this book and rate it a 4.5 Stars! 

Thank you to Katherine Tegen Books and Edelweiss for the gift of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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