Monday, April 18, 2016

The Heir and The Spare by Emily Albright

  • ISBN-10: 1440590109
  • ISBN-13: 978-1440590108
  • Publisher: Merit Press (January 1, 2016)


Going all the way to England for college--to Oxford, no less--for college would be exciting enough. But no sooner does Evie set foot on English soil than she falls for a boy who turns out to be a real prince--in fact, second in line to the throne of England. Edmund is wonderful, even though loving him can be a royal pain, from the demands of his family to the stuck-up aristocrat who thinks she should be the one to win Edmund's heart. All that is swept aside, however, when the riddle of Evie's past surfaces, and the new couple becomes obsessed with figuring out who the real Evie is, with the growing suspicion that the truth will be a shocker.

The Heir and The Spare by Emily Albright is a refreshingly delightful romance story. I found it to be the perfect book to read and enjoy while relaxing for a "getting away from it all" afternoon!

The plot was pretty basic but Ms. Albright's writing style was excellent and the story flowed well with a few unsuspected twists. The characters were enjoyable and well developed.  

I think that what I enjoyed most (second to the romance of course) was the letters that Evie's Mom left for her and the path they guided Evie on as she discovered things about herself that she never dreamed possible!

4 Stars!

Thank you to Merit Press and Edelweiss for the gift of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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