Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Celebrate Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week! {Part 1}

Sci - Fi and Fantasy Week 2017!

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I stopped by Goodreads today and happened to see their Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week celebration. They've compiled some excellent book lists - definitely worth checking out!  

I have loved sci-fi/fantasy since I was a kid so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in and share some of my all time favorite reads over the next three days. Just for fun, I'm going to add a bit of time travel too. ☺

Source: Pixabay Photo Gallery

My Favorite Classics

Okay, the next set of books may not be classics in everyone's eyes but as I'm a  definite Star Trek fan, they are for me. 💗

Star Trek Next Generation ~ Imzadi I and Imzadi II

What Sci-Fi/Fantsy books do you love to read? 

Stop back on Thursday and Friday for more 
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Week celebration! 👽

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